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It's important to take care of yourself these days and not get upset by your own limitations.

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In social situations during the first part of October , you will feel like surrounding yourself with good friends that make you feel like you can be yourself and you can let down your hair, so to speak, and access that fun and carefree part of yourself that you, probably, don't let out enough. This will help life feel less dull and help you release any energy that might build up during long work days. You will be a great advice giver this month, and less likely to seek others out to help you with your own issues, though there may come some decisions you need an outside opinion on and it's okay to ask at this time.

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As October ends, you will be less inclined to seek out friends and more likely to keep to yourself. You will find time spent in your own bubble, be it your home or a place you frequent, with an old friend or partner that you've grown a significant relationship with, will be the most fruitful for you at this point. Discussing your inner self is rarely done with anyone else, and you're more likely to progress forward with someone who already knows your background. Your inner self may feel a bit neglected at the start of October Although you will find some peace there, and not think you need much time by yourself, it will be important to implement some self-care in your routine.

You will be easily distracted by social situations and might not be as on top of your health as usual. Carefully managed routines may be abandoned only to be picked up again sporadically.

Having a good base to start from will make life feel less hectic, so concentrating on keeping that together could be helpful. As October continues, you will find that you have an easier time being alone and spending time with yourself will result in some realizations about who you are and what makes you tick in this world, and how you affect other people around you.

There could be parts of your personality that might come off as brash, or cold-hearted, and it's important to face these parts of yourself, as they aren't true reflections of yourself and likely just defenses you've raised over time. You will be very drawn to finding inner peace this month, and instead of looking for it from material objects or other fleeting moments, you will find it in yourself.

October as a whole will be very important for you, even if it feels rather bland in comparison to other more exciting months. Growth is very important, even if it's the kind of growth that isn't very obvious.

Capricorn October 12222 Career Horoscope

Monthly October Horoscope for Zodiac sign Capricorn. October Horoscope October monthly Horoscope for 12 Zodiac signs.

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Comments: October Horoscope Capricorn. Your name:. Video Horoscope October Daily Horoscope Daily horoscope. This is a generous time but since you have been so generous with the people around you in the past, you deserve it and everyone involved knows it. Allow your peers to indulge you and do not be averse to a business dinner with the boss.


Your vision is practical right now; you know what kind of results are realistic and you expect to see tangible results for your efforts. The people around you know that you do things to get them done quickly and efficiently, and more contact with your authority figures is likely. Whether you are seeking it or not, some added responsibility may come along with this recognition.

That is the way business works, but some people would rather not deal with any more needs than right now. It is not a selfish attitude, but if you want to get further than you are right now you need to be more willing to give more of yourself to what you do in life.

Things are going so well for you, you may go head over heels trying to make left or right of them. Do what you feel is right and know that during this month, you are most visible this year. Get the most you can out of small compliments and capitalize on greater ones, unafraid to take what you want and deserve.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope - Capricorn October Horoscope

How do I get in touch with my past so I can move forward because I have this strong feelings that I have talents am not using or there is a something hindering my progress in life. I need to have a serious conversation with my boss in March regarding me working remotely. What day is the best to do this? Just want to know when will i got married? Thanks,looking forward for the replies…god bless more power I tried my best pleasing him and making him my friend.

But he took that for granted. Be naughty, play the seducer. For Capricorn, October is the month of luck. Love in General: At the beginning of the month you wear your emotions on your sleeve because old tensions reappear. Under the momentum of Mars in Libra, you put all the luck on your side to make change or to live a beautiful love story. Our dear planet Mars will demand of you, you will have to give proof of attachment to the person you love.

In a relationship: Your partner expects you to show a little more energy but you fail. Something blocks you or destabilizes you. Instead of contemplating in your corner, you should talk, this is the ideal solution to your relationship problems.

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Make a little effort. Single: You advise others on matters of the heart, but you? Apparently it suits you to forget yourself. The stars ensure the protection of your loves, do not miss such a beautiful opportunity.